Today on the podcast we talk with Sandra D’Souza, author of Social Media for Baby Boomers and CEO of social media and marketing agency Curate Bee.

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What is covered in this episode:

  • Social media tips for the allied health professionals
  • Why it is important to understand how your customers use Facebook
  • The struggles Sandra faced 8 years ago to find information online when researching her daughter’s condition
  • Understanding the buyers journey and why you need to identify the pain points of your potential customers when communicating to them
  • The power of online communities for getting customer feedback
  • The importance of having a person-centric focus instead of a system focus practice
  • The big guys vs the little guys approach who have a priority on innovation and flexibility
  • The importance of Facebook marketing as a sharing and community focused ecosystem
  • How parents are using social media to research and gather community feedback
  • How to get started using Facebook and why you need to post valuable information on what you know instead of just sales-based messaging
  • 70% of customers do their research online before purchasing
  • How to manager customers complaints online and create a moment of truth
  • Understanding the more information you have out there, the easier it is for potential customers to find you
  • The importance of good customer service 101
  • The important features every allied health professional needs to have on their website
  • How to use blogs and simple language on your website to connect with potential new customers visiting it
  • The future of online bookings
  • How newsletters can nurture the customer relationship and how to repurpose the content
  • How Curate Bee helps small business owners with their social media and content marketing
  • Taking your knowledge, overcoming fear and marketing yourself online
  • How practitioners can use their fears to their advantage.



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