Ep.24 Never underestimate the power of a good VA and a full night’s sleep with Karina Follent

My superstar guest this week is the founding director of Pro-Assist, Karina Follent. After embarking on her journey as a virtual assistant and finding that the market was peppered with talent and often hard to break into, she stumbled on her niche. Commencing work with a physiotherapist she discovered the lack of support available in the virtual space for allied health professionals. Thus, Pro-Assist was born.

Pro-Assist is a VA service for allied health professionals. Pro-Assist is a team that enables business automation, development of a customer service model and business efficiency by taking on those nagging day-to-day tasks. Now 2 years into her business, Karina’s business has grown to a team and a very healthy client base. If you are a business owner looking to be more efficient in the administrative space and get back to focusing on your clients, you do not want to miss this conversation!

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We also get to talking about:

  • The processes and systems that private practices can automate
  • Onboarding the right VA and establishing the relationship between practitioner and assistant
  • The opportunities that the VA investment presents
  • Client transformations – the difference a good night’s sleep can make and what a good VA can deliver
  • The flexible business model – pay for what you use
  • Creation and curation of social media content – getting to know your audience
  • Social media scheduling tools, she reveals her favorite
  • Who is on the Pro-Assist team
  • Her opinion of practice management software
  • The considerations that should be made when choosing a practice management software
  • The lack of affordable support for allied health professionals in the virtual assistance space
  • How she learnt about the business of business
  • Books and blogs that she loves to binge
  • Why you’re never too small to get a VA
  • Her client list and what specialties it includes
  • Tailoring your service to fit your business size
  • What she would do with the business cash injection
  • Her great question for me!

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