Ep.23 The more you do the more complex it gets with Joel Friedlaender

This week’s super intelligent and talented guest is the founding CEO of Cliniko, Joel Friedlaender. Joel has a background in software development and has been introduced to private practice by his partner. His partner is an Osteopath and was becoming increasingly frustrated with the practice management software options available. She suggested to Joel that he spend a few months creating some practice management software.

Jump forward to now, 7 years later where Joel is working on Cliniko full-time with a team of 25. Joel is making leaps and bounds in the transformation of an all-inclusive practice management software and running a successful business. This chat will certainly teach you something about the tech space and the future of practice management software.

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We also get to talking about:

  • How the plan has changed from a tool for appointments and notes
  • The dream of a one-stop-shop for practice management software, what that looks like and where Cliniko stands
  • How he prioritizes important feature development
  • Cliniko as a responsive software and what this means
  • What feedback Joel and his team are receiving – the good and the bad
  • Cliniko’s current strengths – reliability, customer service and more
  • Changes to customer service and what this means for the end user
  • Cyber security and what it means for practice management
  • What you should be focused on when it comes to cyber security
  • Managing teams and how he does it – communication, management, productivity, applications, etc.
  • The no management model – how does this work?
  • His dislike of processes and how this works when you’re running a business and a team of 25
  • Management dashboards and how this is going to help the budding entrepreneur private practitioner
  • What practice management is going to look like in 5 years’ time
  • Big data 101 – a crash course
  • Cliniko transparency – the scoop on what is coming up for the business
  • His advice for those paper file lovers!

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