Ep.22 Having the practice that feels right for you with Maria McKenzie

My very remarkable guest this week is Maria McKenzie, founding director of Adaptive Abilities and Hartley Knows. She has been working in the Private Practice space for 19 years, starting out ‘very part-time’ as a sole trader while on maternity leave. She gradually grew her business as her children got older to move into working with schools and in rooms with other private practitioners.

Jump forward to now and she is practicing full-time as an OT, has gone on to develop a handwriting program and start her second business. Based in Mt Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula, Maria grew her business organically and away from a metropolitan hub.

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We also get to talking about:

  • Offering school based services
  • What the paediatric private practice community looks like on the Mornington Peninsula
  • What the economic landscape is like on the Mornington Peninsula and the challenges this presents
  • Her business knowledge when she started out
  • Running her business manually – without the assistance of practice management software
  • Her booking system, how it’s different and why it works
  • Why she has made the decision to remain a sole practitioner
  • What makes her business unique
  • Hartley knows – why she developed the program, what it is and how it works
  • Her business mentor – who it is and the value of having a business mentor
  • The value of having coaching training
  • The personal growth experienced by being in business
  • What’s in the cards for the future of Adaptive Abilities and Hartley Knows
  • Her tips for our listeners!

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