Ep.21 Disruptive tech in the disability sector with Danny Hui

This week’s exceptional guest is the Founding Director of Same View, Danny Hui. Danny is developing the Same View App to give families of those with a disability a collaborative platform to manage their care teams. The idea for this app came from his own experience with the stresses of managing a loved one’s care.

Danny has a background in engineering, emergency and disaster management which has equipped him with the right tools along with his personal experiences to create the successful platform. Starting in November 2016, Same View is already in its prototyping phase and is getting noticed – with good reason!

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Danny and I also get to talking about:

  • Why he is personally driven to build and drive the success of this app
  • His personal discovery of finding the right care and managing that care for a loved one
  • How Same View kicked off
  • About the Optus Future Makers recognition that Same View has received
  • What Same View is going to look like, and will it be easy for busy parents?
  • How allied health professionals will be able to use the app
  • Duplication, how Same View is making it easier for the user and allied health professional
  • The focus on adding value
  • What has changed for his family by using the app
  • The benefits he has personally experienced from using the app
  • The collaboration involved in writing the goals of the app
  • Who is picking Same View up in its prototype stage
  • Who the app can be applied to
  • The importance of getting feedback and what that means for the future of the app
  • What the next 6-12 months looks like for Same View
  • What Danny would like from allied health professionals
  • His great question for me – not one that I have had before!

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