Ep.20 The Evolution of a Private Practice with Sue Marden

My very experienced and talented guest this week is Founding CEO of One on One Children’s Therapy, Sue Marden. Sue was the first mobile Speech Pathologist in Sydney’s eastern suburbs when her private practice journey began 27 years ago.

Sue started her business when she was 6 months pregnant and by the time her son was born was already at a full case load. With baby number 2 the business moved to her garage before evolving when her third child was 3 to private practice rooms. Now flying high (25 stories high to be exact) over Bondi Junction, One on One’s Children’s therapy is a hugely successful, multi-disciplinary private practice with a wait list and more growth on the horizon.

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Sue also shares with me:

  • What the private practice landscape looked like when she started out and what people thought of private practitioners
  • A guided tour of her very unique practice rooms in Bondi Junction
  • A who’s who on her growing multi-disciplinary team
  • Her involvement with Latrobe University in developing an app for her clinical work
  • What ESDM is and why this is such a large part of her practice
  • Her opinion on how ESDM is different from the ABA
  • How she finds and trains her team
  • Her system and processes and how this drives her business
  • The admin and finance side of her business and how this is constantly evolving
  • What a typical week looks like for Sue – her business management to clinical ratio
  • What her main challenges are with social media (hint: it doesn’t involve marketing)
  • What her business has taught her – the good and the bad
  • What her team does brilliantly and how the culture of her business has changed because of the team’s dynamic
  • Mentoring – why it is important to the business and the development of the team
  • The evolution of her administration team
  • Where / how her business brain developed
  • Learning from your mistakes and how this is valuable to business and self
  • Where she sees the business in the next 12 months
  • What she would do with a $50,000 cash injection into her practice
  • Her question/s for me – they were some good ones!

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