Ep.18 How to successfully re-brand a business that is well known and respected with Robyn Stephen

My dynamic guest this week is the Founding Director of Melbourne Child Development, Robyn Stephen. Robyn is a pioneer of private practice in Melbourne. Starting out from her own home as Robyn Stephen and Associates she has grown to a multi-disciplinary practice in her very own building.

With the assistance of some innovators in the private practice space and her husband as her business coach the possibilities are endless for this new venture. Robyn Stephen and Associates may have been parked to make way for Melbourne Child Development and all the exciting opportunities that come with a re-launch but the same love and standard of service has carried across.

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Robyn also shares with me:

  • Being on the Speech Pathology Australia Board 6 years – her various roles and what she has learnt
  • Developing a strategic business plan – what to do, how to do it and who to speak to
  • The scary side of re-branding and the emotions associated with this huge transition to a business that no one knows the name of
  • Having her husband as a co-director and business coach
  • How she gets things done when she’s self-described as ‘not a planner’
  • How the launch has allowed them to connect with new clients, re-connect with previous clients and retain current clients
  • How to successfully inform current clients of the re-branding of a business that they know and love
  • Rebranding and organisational culture – does one influence the other
  • How her staff have embraced the business strategic plan and incorporated it daily into the organisations culture
  • Authentic marketing and messaging –the important pieces
  • Upgrading the practice – how many times she’s upgraded the practice and why
  • Being a pioneer in private practice, the changes she has noticed in the industry
  • What her business has taught her about continuous improvement
  • Why she is not afraid to spend money on seeking expert advice
  • Her investment in her team (check out the Rockstar photos on the website) and who is in it
  • Innovation and their point of difference
  • Her philosophy of excellence and what that means for her and the business
  • The future – what is in store for Melbourne Child Development

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