Ep.17 The Changing Landscape of Marketing in Allied Health with Chris McCarroll

My guest this week is the super savvy founder of Allied Health Marketing, Chris McCarroll. Allied Health Marketing looks after allied health professionals in a marketing capacity. Chris is the first to say that he is not a business coach but in fact a service that sits between the business and business coach developing marketing strategies and offering a range of solutions to grow the business.

Chris started out in fashion marketing at the tender age of 21 and straight out of uni. He then moved to not for profit marketing with Surf Lifesaving while working with freelance clients. After deciding that freelancing was where he wanted to be he was introduced to the allied health world by working with the National Board of Exercise Physiologists and so, Allied Health Marketing was born. I am blown away by what I learnt in this conversation.

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Get a notepad because we also get to talking about:

  • What he heard that Allied Health Professionals wanted from a marketer
  • His response to “I’m not comfortable marketing myself”
  • The best way to make connections with potential clients
  • Selling outcomes – why it is important
  • The changing landscape of marketing in allied health
  • Where allied health professionals are coming unstuck with marketing
  • Identifying your ideal customer and their need
  • How to put yourself above everyone else and sell your services
  • Who is in his office, what they do and how they do it
  • Why he’ll never be hands-off and why he loves being involved in the strategy
  • Why it’s important to take care of your team
  • The process of getting started with Allied Health Marketing – the customer experience
  • Websites – return on investment, are you getting yours?
  • Instagram – the fun, the distraction, the casualness…
  • Video marketing – why it’s important and why you should attend one of his incredible workshops (yes, please!)
  • His own experience with a video marketing workshop
  • The best way to start shooting your own social media videos
  • What you have in your household to be able to shoot 5 videos today
  • 3 types of video content that could benefit your business
  • So many more tips for engaging content and video!

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