Ep.16 Pioneering Paediatric Private Practice with Lisa Hughes

My incredible guest this week is the founding director of Occupational Therapy Helping Children, Lisa Hughes. Lisa Hughes is a Paediatric Pioneer when it comes to private practice. An extremely talented Occupational Therapist she opened her first private practice in 1994 on Sydney’s northern beaches, when most were working in the public health sector.

Like most allied health professionals, she had minimal business and management training. With the assistance of her husband an accountant and business coach she has continued to pave the way for paediatric private practice opening additional practices, now at a total of 5! She has recruited an amazing team and expanded her business knowledge from 0 to superstar status! You are sure to get as much out of this inspiring conversation as I did.

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We also get to talking about:

  • Outsourcing – why she swears by it and what she outsources now
  • Going full circle on everything she thought originally
  • She takes us on a tour of her practices
  • Who is working in her team currently and potential additions in the future
  • Engaging a practice manager – what got her across the line when deciding to hire
  • Providing an ‘in school’ therapy service and her percentage of clinical and community based services
  • What practice management system she is using and how this has changed her business game
  • Practice policies and procedures, what state they are in and how she maintains these very important business elements
  • Contractor or employee? How she structures her human resources for ultimate flexibility
  • School holidays – is this a busy or quiet period for her business? How she works during this period
  • The NDIS – her thoughts and how her business will work with this
  • What her and her team do the best
  • Marketing and social media – what she is trying and what seems to be working
  • The struggles and dark moments of private practice
  • The future – what is in store for Occupational Therapy Helping Children
  • Her fascinating question for me!

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