Ep.15 Providing a support platform for those who support others with Sarena Jones

This week’s guest describes herself as a business baby. Sarena Jones is the founding director of Allied Health Support Services, an online community aimed at supporting allied health professionals share resources, events, interests and opportunities. Sarena came up with this brilliant platform for sharing information while on maternity leave and finding herself short of resources to stay in the clinical loop.

Sarena chose to return to clinical work as an Occupational Therapist specialising in neurology and adult rehabilitation, part -time. She found that due to lack of available resources while on leave, the experience for her and others like her, can be quite daunting. Thus, a brilliant idea and a business born. Allied Health Support Services and Sarena are in their business infancy but have already made a huge impact in the support space for allied health professionals.

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We also get to talking about:

  • What was running through her mind returning from maternity leave
  • The lack of resources for those not clinically employed
  • Her motivations behind starting Allied Health Support Services
  • Why women returning to the workforce after maternity leave need support
  • What she heard from Allied Health professionals while conducting research for the business
  • What people get from the subscription based, Allied Health Support Services
  • What she has learnt about being in business over the last year (or what hasn’t she learnt?)
  • The value of having a business coach
  • Video marketing – her thoughts, fears and the value of reaching your audience from the comfort of the couch
  • What she is most proud of to date
  • Our business plans, what’s in them and the importance of having one
  • Where she gets her business smarts – other than her business coach
  • The whiteboard workout
  • What Allied Health Support Services will look moving forward
  • Virtual conferences – the difference in goals between this and the face to face conference
  • What she would do with a $50,000 cash injection into her business
  • Her very interesting question for me and so much more!

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