Ep.13 My message for mums returning to the workforce with Rebekah Fraser

My guest this week is Rebekah Fraser speaking to us from Auckland, New Zealand. I met Rebekah coming up on one year ago on a trip to Cambodia where we were invited as coaches, to work with a social enterprise start-up. Rebekah has since founded her own business, The Back to Work Coach, supporting mums on their journey back into the work force.

Rebekah has an interesting background, starting with completing her masters in psychology. While living in Belfast, for research observed a primary school teacher which then inspired her to return to study in primary education. She has experience in psychometric assessment, communication practices and now coaching. You are sure to learn so much from this conversation, I know I did!

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We also get to talking about:

  • Her research into the biggest challenges facing women returning to the workforce
  • Her beliefs around women returning to the workforce with clear intentions and a suitable work/life balance
  • Looking at family as a team and defining what that this means for women and their household.
  • How The Back to work coach is the only offering on its type in NZ
  • Recognition of industry needs to be focused more in this space
  • Her diverse roles and what she has learnt from each of her experiences
  • Her passion for learning and how this assists her in owning and running her business
  • Being authentic and walking the walk as a coach and mother in the workforce
  • Self-leadership skills from utilizing her strengths and working around weaknesses
  • Why it is important to always reflects on best practice
  • Her vision board –where it is and her methodology in building this
  • The importance of partnerships and what this means for her business
  • Women needing to see how amazing they are and how much having a child strengthens you
  • That feeling of walking back into the office on the first day after maternity leave
  • Why there is no need to ‘get it right’ and to be perfect
  • Her biggest personal learning – what it is and how it can apply to anyone in business
  • Her tribe – who they are, when they meet and what they talk about
  • Outsourcing things that she doesn’t particularly enjoy doing and focusing on doing the things that she loves
  • Her tips for being a mother, entrepreneur, colleague and friend
  • Her life learning, what it is and why she wants this to be her legacy
  • Quality conversations – why this is important and why we need to stop expecting our partners to be mind-readers
  • The ‘Giving Up Control’ challenge – what it is and why she’s doing it
  • A message for the mums returning to work
  • Her fabulous question for me and so much more!

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