Ep.12 Challenges in business and becoming comfortable with the hard stuff with Kim Sheppard

My guest this week is the remarkable Kim Sheppard aka ‘Cool Kim’. Kim is a family psychologist and founding director of Cool Kid Psychology. Kim’s private practice and solopreneur work started back as early as her undergrad years where she worked privately with families.

Since finishing her masters and becoming registered, Kim has worked out of rooms and is now running her successful business from her beautiful home with the help of her incredible virtual assistant. She has created a safe space where families can be open and relaxed, not to mention, Kim can step into her own backyard for a kick of the footy after a long day of doing what she loves.

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We also get into:

  • Why she chose the awesome name for her business
  • Her year working for a public intervention service
  • The importance of knowing what the different disciplines do and how this assists with knowing when to refer a patient
  • The early days and starting out on her own
  • Why deciding to have her practice on her property wasn’t exactly an easy choice and how she came to make the difficult decision
  • A walk though of her beautiful practice and the boundaries she has in place to protect her personal balance
  • Her experience with working with her virtual assistant and the benefits this has had for her business
  • Her 2 big struggles in business – what they are and how she is handling them
  • The importance of referrals and how to get more of them
  • Being life-long learners and the Paeds Biz Conference
  • Business management and how she has learnt to outsource the things that she wasn’t good at to free up her time to focus on the things that she is good at
  • Being a good decision maker and problem solver
  • The digital marketing space – what she does in terms of social media and digital marketing
  • Her current services and what she plans to offer in the future
  • Trying not to be pigeon holed in terms of the services she offers
  • Recruiting – what she is learning around interviewing applicants and how much information to give to applicants about the business
  • What she’s loving about her business now
  • What she does to look after herself and so much more!

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