Ep.11 Growing a successful business without marketing with Bev Sher

Welcome to season 2 of the Private Practice Secrets Podcast. This week it was my absolute pleasure to speak with the dynamic, Bev Sher, director at Bev Sher Speech Pathology. To say that Bev is a wealth of education and knowledge would be an understatement. She is a mother, with a triple degree, her own successful practice and has presented at international health professional conferences.

Bev trained in South Africa where she graduated with a degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology. Having studied speech and drama from a young age she then went on to complete an associate’s degree in this area of passion also. After relocating to Australia in 1998 and being told that the likelihood of her finding work was slim, she hit the ground running working for the education department and in private practices before starting to work for herself in 2000.

Her approach to business and her professionalism is inspiring and I know you will get as much from this episode as I did.

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We also get into:

  • How volunteering lead to some great career opportunities, including paid work as an emerging Speech Pathologist
  • Her experience as the Clinic Coordinator at the Fragile X Clinic, the only one of its kind in Australia
  • Managing and supporting multi-disciplinary teams
  • Being an attendee and presenter at 3 of the Fragile X conferences in the United States
  • How her work has given her the opportunity to travel domestically and internationally
  • How her business has grown quickly from starting in her living room – employing contractors after 1 year
  • Taking a work call in the labour ward with her second child (that’s dedication!)
  • Business management – what she knows and where it came from
  • The pros and cons of working with family
  • The importance of investing in professional relationships
  • Her practice setup – the benefits of co-locating
  • What she is most proud of in her career and business
  • Her thoughts and preparation for the NDIS
  • The work / life balance and her question for me about this
  • How her work has inspired her children and so much more!

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