Retention is the New Recruitment – Intentional Retention Webinar

With the year rushing right past us, so many businesses we work with at Nacre are picking up the pace on all aspects – from management strategy, to marketing, to numbers, and leadership. 

They are amplifying themselves, creating amazing people and celebrating their inspired culture, focusing on their services and housing productivity. Going forward, we have absolutely got the onwards-and-upwards bug across allied health business ownership. 

To keep this momentum going, we’ve got a brand-new webinar for you all…and this time we’re having a conversation about retention.

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Retention is the new recruitment, and it’s time to take a look under that rock and dig out an effective, systemic approach for how you can bring retention-based strategies into so many aspects of your business.

As you’ll hear me explain in the latest episode of the PPMP podcast, there are some important questions you need to write down right now to help get your mind ready to embrace some new-and-improved retention strategy ideas…   

What will it mean to you to retain everybody that you want in your team for the next 18 months?

What is your current retention rate?

What is your overall business approach to retention?

So, what are you waiting for? Tune in with us at the Intentional Retention webinar and also get some gems of inspiration from others that you can polish off and figure out how you’ll implement authentic and effective retention strategies within your own business.

For all the information on the webinar, listen to this week’s PPMP podcast to hear me explain all the details.

Cathy Love

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