Rerun: Rapid Growth, Working Remotely and Allied Health Trends

This week is a rerun of another great episode, this time around with Kate Hunter in Episode 229. Kate made her podcast debut in this episode, where she shares her experiences and insights while working at Cliniko. 

You’ll hear Kate discuss how she got into working at Cliniko, where she interestingly started out as a photographer, as well as her insights into what it’s like working in a fully-remote team. She explains why Cliniko is more open than the average workplace, how they leverage their remoteness, and how the pandemic rapidly changed things for the company. Kate also shares the results of Cliniko’s Allied Health Survey, including key aspects she noticed. 

Topics covered on rapid growth, working remotely, and Allied Health trends: 

  • How the pandemic changed things and affected business growth, and why Cliniko is more open than the average workplace. 
  • What it’s like working with a fully remote team, handling an ever-expanding team, and leveraging their remoteness to their advantage. 
  • Kate’s key findings from the Cliniko survey, and the importance of making the results practical and easy to read. 

 Resources Mentioned  

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Kate Hunter

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