Rerun: Learning From Your Bookkeeper

Understanding all aspects of your finances is key to the successful running of any business, but it can be a major downfall for some. This and more is covered in my interview with Chris Stenhouse, Business Manager at Professional Booking Services (PBS) back in Episode 55. That’s right – it’s rerun time!

The Melbourne-based family business provides full financial and administrative solutions to businesses throughout Australia and overseas. Working across all industries, PBS bookkeepers support businesses with turnovers ranging from $50,000 to $12million.

In this episode, Chris covers all-things bookkeeping. He discusses the difference between a bookkeeper and accountant, what makes a good bookkeeper, and the importance of having a good rapport with your bookkeeper. You’ll also hear his tips on staying on top of your payable reports.

Topics covered on budgeting, financials and general finance insights:

  • How bookkeepers can set up a budget for you, understanding your earning potential through budgets and billable days, and building your budget from nothing.
  • Common financial habits of Allied Health business owners, Chris’ advice on how often you should be checking your financials, and the importance of monthly financial reviews.
  • Making bookkeeping love happen, better understand your cost of sales, setting KPIs with your bookkeeper, explaining profit losses and balance sheets, and how to account for unusual expenses correctly.

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Chris Stenhouse

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