How Can You Measure Growth as a Business Owner?

How do you measure growth in your business? Did you know there are different ways to measure it? 

Here to give you some insight this week is CEO and Co-Founder of Umbo, Weh Yeoh.

Umbo is a social purpose company that provides speech and occupational therapy online, particularly to those who can’t access those services is rural areas.

Weh walks you through what it means to run a social enterprise, including how he integrates it into all aspects of his team. Other golden bits in this episode include shifting perception of online therapy, wealth dynamics profiling, the nature of informed choice, and Weh’s future global predictions.

It’s interesting to hear Weh’s approach to growth, where he believes it all comes down to timing and focusing what you have in front of you.

What’s important to you when you measure growth? Is it your bottom line?

Maybe there are times when your bottom-line won’t grow, but those can actually be the most productive periods because you’re setting up your foundation to do things that will result in future growth.

Self-awareness is also a focus this episode – or in Weh’s words, “probably the number one skill you need to have as a leader.”

Along with many other takeaways, one of the best this episode is Weh’s reminder that self-awareness helps you recognise where your strengths and limitations are, which allows you to surround yourself with the right people for your business. And of course, this all circles back to growth, because we all know that you’ll never grow if you don’t learn from your mistakes (AKA: flearning).

Are you able to admit your faults and weaknesses as a leader?

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Weh Yeoh

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