Improving An Organization and Its Services Through A People-Centered Model

How Do You Measure Progress

Everyday Independence is an allied health business that supports people with disability to reach their full potential and to enjoy an everyday life. They build on what is working and create changes in areas that are not by doing OT, physio and speech pathology.

In this episode of the Private Practice Made Perfect Podcast, the Everyday Independence team – Ingrid Cole, Mal Healey and Leanne Healey – share their experience on how using a social model of disability and becoming a people-centered practice has helped them improve their team, participants, and business.

Episode highlights:

  • The roles of Ingrid, Mal and Leanne in Everyday Independence.
  • What Everyday Independence is all about.
  • The locations where their services are offered.
  • Growth of Everyday Independence in the last 12 months.
  • The changes needed to deliver services to participants under the NDIS.
  • Where they got information on progressing towards a social model of disability.
  • Impressions and comments of therapists who have shifted from medical type practices to more contemporary and person-centered practices.
  • What a person-centered organisation looks like.
  • The employee value proposition of Everyday Independence.
  • Recruitment, workforce, and development training.
  • The good bits they love about the NDIS.
  • Challenges they have with the NDIS.
  • The future of the NDIS and Everyday Independence.
  • Career pathways in their organisation.
  • Sharing learnings through their business journey

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