Rerun: Building A Business That Runs With Minimal Supervision

Having a business that works even while you are away is what every business owner should strive for. Sally Mohitian the Director of Fun Lab Therapy Pty Ltd in Australia, joins us to talk about how she successfully implemented clear systems, processes and great team culture in her business from the get-go and the benefits she has reaped from this.

It wasn’t an easy task for her and, as she said, it has taken her quite a while to get to where she is today. But going through this and getting her business ready to function even without her present in the office has made a huge difference in her life. Find out more about what she has done and learned through this process in this episode of the PPMP Podcast.

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Episode highlights:

  • The beginning of Fun Lab.
  • The story behind their company name.
  • Why Sally started a private practice.
  • Her solid vision on her business before it started. 
  • Driving force behind her commitment to manage herself off the tools and to be team facing very much sooner rather than later.
  • Her transition from clinician to business owner.
  • Her success behind recruitment.
  • Their process of recruitment.
  • Their team culture.
  • Outcomes of a long fully invested onboarding program.
  • The impact of a new team member going into a 100-day experience to team members.
  • Understanding the onboarding process thoroughly. 
  • Lessons Sally has learned from being a leader. 
  • Their steepest learnings in the financial side of the business.
  • Developing and documenting systems from the start.
  • The importance of easy to access, effective, consistent and clear policies and procedures.
  • Thoughts on the NDIS from a business owner’s perspective.
  • Things she anticipates to learn in the certification process of the NDIS.
  • “Baby-proofing” the business. 
  • Their business plans for the next 12 months.
  • Pearls of wisdom for other allied health business owners.

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