Yianni Serpanos Interview – Reimagining The Healthcare Experience

Yianni Serpanos Interview - Reimagining The Healthcare Experience

The allied health industry is slowly moving into the digital age, but needs to do more to respond to changing technology.

I chatted to Yianni Serpanos who’s helping Australia do just that. Yianni is the CEO and Founder of coreplus, Australia’s leading digital health practice management platform. The company is focused on delivering a “practice happy” experience that’s available anywhere, anytime.

coreplus allows health professionals to manage client records, appointments, Medicare billing/ claiming and finances in one online system accessible from any internet browser, smartphone or tablet.

coreplus began in 2009-10 and continues to grow after implementing a number of firsts in the allied health industry, including Medicare online claiming.

In this episode we talk about the digital healthcare experience, implementing changes for allied health professionals and the digital marketplace.

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Topics covered in this episode:

  • coreplus is Australian focused – staying up to date with allied health rules and regulations
  • How the platform works for allied health professionals
  • What is interoperability? How systems connect with each other.
  • Agreed language between allied health providers
  • Yianni’s thoughts on the digital healthcare system in Australia
  • How the client/patient experience is being impacted by the changes in technology
  • The full digital health experience – an emerging idea
  • The evolving customer experience
  • Merging digital marketing thinking with health tech
  • Making the most of the ‘exit phase’ – following up on the client and building the relationship
  • The next steps allied health business owners should be taking – understanding the Privacy Act
  • Data breaches – human error in the healthcare industry
  • Change isn’t a one-off event – allied health business owners need to continually improve their understanding of the rules and regulations with the help of advisors
  • What’s the digital marketplace?
  • Yianni’s thoughts on how the digital marketplace will progress
  • Are GPs going fully digital in the next 12 months?
  • Connecting allied health business owners with secure messaging
  • Cooperating with the Australian Digital Health Agency
  • What will digital healthcare look like in the next 5 years? Australians need to build an integrated health team
  • Reimagining the business model of healthcare – can we introduce a subscription style healthcare service?


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