You Know That Program Your Business Bestie Has Been Raving About?

Pop the hood and take a sneak peek for yourself! 

Register for our next Quarterly Accelerator Conference today! 

It looks like someone is looking out for you!

Pat yourself on the back, you’ve made a really good friend who cares enough about you and your business to invite you to get a taste of the Nacre Consulting members only conference event.   

Now that’s what friends are for!   

Now that the secret is out, mark your calendars for the morning of Friday December 9th 2022 because you are invited to an online event that will change the way you think about yourself as an Allied Health Business manager.   

Keen to know more?   

The Quarterly Accelerator Conference is usually a members only event. However, this year, with everything that’s going on we have decided to open the door and let you join us for the morning. The more the merrier!  

To do this we have given our members the chance to invite trusted colleagues so that they too can get some support from us. They have seen the benefits of our programs first hand, and now it is time for you to join them and reap the Nacre Consulting wisdom.   

Bite the bullet! Get the help you need today to have a taste of business brilliance.  

Did we mention it's free?

That’s right! This Quarterly Accelerator Conference is 100% free for you, our golden ticket guest. You must be someone special. Your friend has paid for this event as part of their program and are inviting you to gain access to half the event without investing a dime!  

Apart from this event being budget friendly, the other added benefits are as follows:  

  • Free access to some niche Allied Health Business content and support  
  • Hang out with some other Allied Health Business Owners who are in the same boat as you are  
  • Get to spend some time with Cathy Love and find out why she and her crew are a key element in your business success  
  • Take a sneak peek at what Nacre Consulting really is all about. Usually, this content is for members only as they have taken the leap and invested with us. For you, for this day only- you get to walk in their shoes and experience it for yourself.  
  • This day alone is so valuable. You will walk away with more confidence and clarity than when you walked in and you get tangible business tips that you can take right at your fingertips!  

If you’re keen to accelerate your business and see what we are all about, let your curiosity click here, and register for our December 2022 Quarterly Conference today! 

Psst...want to know the added bonus?

How about receiving an early Christmas present from yours truly? We are giving you and your friend that referred you $500…  

No joke! That is how serious we are about helping you accelerate your business growth.  

If you decide that you love what you see and want to join your friend in our program you will receive the gift of $500 when you sign up!   

Why on Earth? That part is simple. The more business owners we can help, the greater the likelihood that Australians with health and disability challenges will be able to live their best brilliant lives.   

What topics you can expect to be covered

Accelerate Business Success
The Position Description Writer
Business Training Australia
Business Brainstrust Mastermind
Accelerate Business Success
The Team Charter
Business Training Australia
Plus daring discussions with cool cat business owners just like you
Accelerate Business Success
Heads up. Our members will be getting into more business goodness after lunch

Why Join Accelerator Mastermind?

Nothing accelerates your business management, team leadership and ability to swiftly implement than working with a focused group of allied health business owners, facilitated by industry expert coaches and consultants.  
Group coaching is superior.
The Nacre Consulting team will guide you to:
Effectively manage a growing profitable business
Confidently lead an outstanding team
Proudly deliver reputable services and delight clients
Systematically get the next best projects done
Reclaim time and achieve greater work life balance
Embrace the business adventure and celebrate success

Can't beat them? Join them!

Don’t just take it from us, here are some amazing testimonials from clients who have loved our conferences in the past! 

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