How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Go Carbon Neutral

Carbon neutral – what does it mean and why should all businesses be moving towards it? 

This week we’re doing things a little differently and shifting our focus onto somewhere we all call home – the Earth. 

Here to give us all the insights, tips and advice we need is Jason from Cliniko. His role is, as he describes it, “a little bit of everything”, and there couldn’t be anyone more perfect to walk us through sustainability and all it entails. 

First and foremost, Jason knows how intimidating it can seem for business owners to understand their carbon footprint and learn how to be more sustainable. What he’s here to talk about is how every little bit counts, and that you can start from an individual perspective rather than an organisation-wide perspective at first. 

Jason shares how to lead an organisation towards being carbon neutral, why he’s so passionate about the topic, as well as the definitions behind carbon neutral and carbon footprint. 

You’ll also hear his experience leading the carbon-crusade at Cliniko – which included getting companies like Carbon Neutral on board to guide and support them to implement changes. Jason explores some interesting insights they discovered from an initial energy-use audit at Cliniko, revealing the highlights and lowlights across all team members. (The results will definitely shock you.) 

For Cliniko users and beyond, you can discover all of Jason’s findings in his blog post, Cliniko is now carbon neutral! And it only gets better – A minimum of 2% of all Cliniko subscriptions are donated to a charitable cause every month. Learn more about it at Cliniko’s Charity

Remember: it’s not all doom and gloom. If we all just make some changes (no matter how small they may be) we can save our Earth and keep her going for years to come. Find out more about global progress by heading to Global Goals.


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Jason Goncalves

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