Recruit Like A Rockstar Webinar

Let’s not pretend that recruitment is a walk in the park…

What’s more, trying to find recruitment guidance, tips and tricks to help you on your way can be even tougher.

That’s why we created the Recruit Like A Rockstar webinar event, which delivers you fast-moving, uber-practical, and genuinely helpful recruitment strategies to take with you for ultimate success.

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You can hear all the details in the latest PPMP podcast episode, where I break down everything we’ll cover in the webinar.

For now, here’s a brief list of the gold-coated tips we’ll be sharing:

  • Taking a whole business approach – how to create a unique and compelling package
  • Being crystal-clear on performance expectations
  • How you can improve on recruitment strategies you may already have in place
  • How to partner with recruiters
  • The role of exceptional leadership in the recruitment process
  • How you can leverage your recruitments (A.K.A. the secret sauce to recruitment)

We’re also going to share some awesome success stories that you can take home after the session. (These stories are also a great form of motivation, so get pumped.)

The simple truth is that hope is not a strategy for recruitment. You’re going to need a lot more. By being mindful, structured and organised, you can position your business with authority in the marketplace.

Pro Tip: Joining the webinar LIVE is always best – you’ll not only get to ask any and all questions on your mind and interact in the chat box, but you’ll also get access to a high-value freebie!

What approach are you taking to recruitment?

Lighten the heavy recruitment load with our practical pro-tips and tricks all in a convenient, interactive platform.

It’s time for you to recruit like the rockstar you are…Register your spot for the Recruit Like A Rockstar webinar now!

Cathy Love

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