Reclaiming Your Business in 2020

As a business owner navigating through this pandemic, we know you have many, many questions going through your head. And as everyone, including allied health business owners, are going out of hibernation, there are a lot of things to be done to get ready for the next phase of business. It is a time when business owners like you are asking what you need to do about their business, your team, moving forward, and getting back into the groove. 

The biggest question though is, how can you, as a business owner, reclaim 2020? We would like to help you navigate through this by giving you the lessons, tips, and guidance you need to accelerate your business prosperity in 2020 through the Private Practice Conference happening in July. We can’t wait to meet you there to share and exchange ideas with brilliant minds in the industry.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Private Practice Conference on Accelerating Business Prosperity is coming to you on July 2020
  • The line up of awesome speakers joining us at the conference
  • Range of topics that will be discussed by the speakers
  • Participants’ access to the conference.
  • What’s happening on the Conference’s Live Day on July 24th hosted by Cathy Love.
  • One great tip from Cathy on dealing with the current situation.
  • How’s your 2020 vision going and how you’re going to accelerate your business prosperity in this environment?
Cathy Love

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