Putting the Happy in HR

Chris Smith, Founding CEO of Happy HR, wants to make all your HR dreams come true. And in this episode of the PPMP podcast, I’ve invited him to do just that. It’s seriously an information-filled episode you wouldn’t want to miss.

Chris is going to walk us through how Happy HR can help businesses recruit, train, and retain their employees to build a team that will help grow your business. He also touches on how KPIs and career pathways can help in recruitment and retention; how professional development and training can be done; and how lawful terminations can be executed with the help of the Happy HR system.

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Episode highlights:

  • A backgrounder on Happy HR.
  • Biggest mistakes business owners make in HR.
  • Setting up great HR as soon as you’re employing people.
  • The importance of KPIs and how to set them.
  • How Happy HR’s performance indicators help in performance appraisals.
  • The services they offer for businesses that have different types of employees and how they set it up for them from the start.
  • Happy HR’s framework that supports careers right through all the stages 
  • Working on employee retention through the system.
  • The mistake of holding on to employees who don’t fit your goals.
  • Support for employee development and termination.
  • The Happy HR Team behind the scenes
  • Plans for the business

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Chris Smith

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