Paediatric Therapy Professional Development- Therapy Team Talk

When was the last time you decided to shake things up? 

Paediatric therapy professional development has been something I’ve been dedicated to for a long time, and that is exactly what you’ll hear about in this week’s brand new PPMP Podcast episode.

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In a nutshell, I’m gatecrashing my own podcast with a special episode dedicated to announcing some exciting news:

The launch of Therapy Team Talk!

We are beyond excited to announce this news, and we’re also more than ready to break out the champagne (it’s always happy hour somewhere in the world, right?).

Before anyone panics, though, I’d like to take a quick moment to reassure anyone who is already a member of Team Talk:

Nothing is going to change for current members.

You will still have total ongoing access to hours and hours of training, as well as all the resources. 

With Therapy Team Talk, we are building and growing a community learning group, opening each other’s eyes to endless ideas and possibilities in the realm of professional development for paediatric therapists.

I realised that I have the ability and the resources to bring together so many remarkable Australian clinicians. With Therapy Team Talk, these clinicians are able to not only participate in the learning program, but are also able to share what they know.

That’s why Therapy Team Talk is a step ahead of the rest. This program takes things further by celebrating the local heroes through building a cross-discipline clinical community. What’s more, this community has a laser-focus on child development, serving children and families, and partnering with educators.

After all this talk I think it’s time we walk the walk, and we can do exactly that by giving you access right now to the shiny new Therapy Team Talk website!

On the Therapy Team Talk website you’ll discover:

  • All our partners
  • How we’re focusing on monthly clinical training with Aussie guest presenters 
  • Focused paediatric topics
  • The opportunity to chat, ask and discuss

So, listen to the full episode for everything you need to know about the Therapy Team Talk program.

Remember to get in quick because we’re having a special deal for the early birds who are keen to join.

Cathy Love

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