Susan Hawkins Interview – Preparing The Allied Health Sector For The NDIS Audit

Do you have quality embedded in your overall allied health operation?

I spoke to Susan Hawkins, one of the founding directors of Practical Quality plus (PQplus), about quality assurance for allied health business owners, the NDIS audit process and how the company helps both new and existing allied health providers.

PQplus was founded as the NDIS was rolled out across Australia. The company helps new and existing providers understand the compliance requirements around quality.

Having previously worked in the human services sector across disability, mental health and aged care, Susan is well positioned to ensure quality is embedded in all aspects of allied health operation.

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Topics covered in this episode:

  • What PQplus offers
  • Helping new and existing NDIS providers understand compliance requirements
  • Quality should be embedded in the organisation
  • Helping allied health business owners get ready for the NDIS audit
  • Creating customised but flexible policy documentation
  • The shift of the NDIS’ expectations of allied health businesses
  • Susan’s thoughts on the national practice standards – translation issues
  • What Susan thinks should be included in the national practice standards – basic HR and professional development standards
  • Susan’s allied health social background – trained as a social worker, worked in England.
  • Dramatic NDIS changes to come – managing the risk
  • How NDIS will be advantages for business owners – opening up the market and client base
  • How PQplus helps allied health providers – different packages and products on offer for both new providers and existing providers
  • Launch – a guide around understanding audits for the long-haul


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Susan Hawkins

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