PACE – NDIA’s New ICT System

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In this episode, Cathy and Chantelle cover the newly launched ICT system by the NDIA, PACE. Though the meaning behind the acronym remains unclear, Cathy and Chantelle discussed what this software means for disability service providers. Introduced on 31st October 2023, PACE has taken over the service booking role and placed budget tracking responsibilities onto the providers.   

As the new software is being gradually rolled out, they also discuss the effects on Allied Health Business Owners and expect possible surprises, like a revised support catalog.  

Topics covered on PACE and What To Expect in the months to come: 

  • Plans for migration into PACE 
  • Necessity for home and living and behavior support spaces to register 
  • Hints of passive endorsement revocations 
  • Eagerly await the NDIS review, expected to be released towards Christmas this year

Read our Brace for PACE blogpost here. 

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