Overcoming Recruitment Fears


Conquering fears as a business owner is never easy, but overcoming recruitment fears in particular is something I’ve noticed many find challenging.

At the end of the day, though, it’s worth questioning why it can feel so challenging.

What makes recruitment difficult for you? 

Perhaps it’s the fear of finding the perfect person for your team. Or the fear that you might lose clients if the new team member doesn’t fit in right. Or the fear of being able to maintain the same level of service.

Fear is so often sitting and bubbling at the bottom of our thoughts, so it’s important to let it rise to the surface. If you never acknowledge it, you’ll never know how to conquer it.

It’s no different for Susanne Goldin, who opens up on the latest episode of the PPMP Podcast. 

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As the Founder of Mindfulness in Movement – a clinic that offers mobile exercise physiology services across the Sunshine Coast – Susanne shares her experience overcoming recruitment fears. 

With so much on her plate, it’s inspiring to hear how she’s overcome fears not only about recruitment, but also about her leadership, and financial fears.

In this newest episode, Susanne explores how to get comfortable with recruitment using preparation, overcoming fears surrounding transitioning her clients over to her team, as well as her pro-tips for recruitment (like the importance of an Employee Value Proposition).

There are plenty of intriguing things to think about when listening to Susanne’s story, but one of the most interesting is thinking about your assumptions. 

Whether you’re in the process of recruiting someone, or unsure about whether to get support from others like a financial coach, are your assumptions acting as a barrier to overcoming your fears?

Susanne Goldin

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