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What elements of your business are there to help you organise your time better?  

Some business owners source experts for things like finances. Others might have mastered the art of an organised diary – sticky note tabs and highlighting galore. Others may invest in admin to reclaim their time – much like Emily Mackie did.

Emily is the Founder and Owner of Speak About Speech Pathology Clinics, and I’m so pleased to have her on the newest episode of the PPMP Podcast.

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She shares a bucket-full of insights and experiences in our discussion, opening up about how to develop new complimentary streams to your business, ways to grow a business, and what it was like setting up her business to the point that she felt like she could leave to have her baby.

What especially stands out in this episode is Emily’s knack for organisation. 

For her, it’s all about reclaiming your time in order to ensure your business isn’t dictating every aspect of your life.

Freedom and flexibility are what’s going to make your life as a business owner that much smoother. 

And while easier said than done, it’s crucial to remember that you really are the only one that can create that freedom. Ultimately, you are responsible for that in your business and in your life.

Being organised as a business owner should mean you’re also scheduling time for yourself

Do you have time to live other parts of your life? Spend time outside of work with the people you love? If you’re like Emily was and looking to have a baby, is your business organised in a way that allows you to do that? 

For more of Emily’s advice and insights (including how you can manage your time well during COVID), have a listen to this week’s episode. 

Emily Mackie

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