Wendy Smiles Interview – Online Communication and Work Delegation in Teams

How do you communicate effectively with your team members online? In episode 134 of the PPMP Podcast, Wendy Smiles, a Change Management Consultant from Bene Praxis chats with us about online team communication and work delegation.

Wendy gives us practical tips we can apply in our business to lead our team better, communicate with them clearly, and assign tasks to them effectively. She also gives us some helpful tools we can use for communication.

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Episode highlights:

  • An overview of what she has been doing in the last few years.
  • Principles of Change Management useful for allied health business owners.
  • Leading yourself first.
  • Virtual communication in terms of team care.
  • Using Trello and Asana for work delegation.
  • The importance of clarity and communication.
  • Making decisions and minimizing errors.
  • Parting words from Wendy

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Bene Praxis Website

Wendy Smiles

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