Rerun: Onboarding New Recruits In Your Allied Health Business


So, you just recruited and are about to onboard some new teammates. Firstly – congratulations! Secondly – what is your game plan now?

Onboarding new recruits is just another thing on your list you’re probably stressing about. For many allied health business owners, things can start off a little bumpy, leading to a missed opportunity to onboard properly and effectively.

But I believe that the longer, slower and more in-depth an onboarding process is, the better it is for everyone.

That’s why it’s time to revisit another episode of the PPMP podcast from way-back-when..Episode 73 on Onboarding New Recruits In Your Allied Health Business.

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This episode also ties in perfectly to some great news I have to share with you all – we’ve got another webinar coming up jam-packed with everything you need to optimise your onboarding process!

It’s time to set up your new recruits for a great start and a long adventure within your business.

We’ll cover:

  • Getting focused on your onboarding strategy and the role it plays in employee experience and retention.
  • Supporting your remarkable people from the get-go with a First 100-Days onboarding sequence.
  • Showcasing your unique company culture and total commitment to their success.

I’ll help you set the scene for your best onboarding yet. You’ll come away from the webinar understanding the crucial role a strong and assertive onboarding process plays in the performance and retention of your team.

Explore more about the Onboarding New Team for Sustained Success webinar by clicking here.

Cathy Love

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