Navigating Your Business Through COVID-19

COVID-19 has made such impacts in our businesses – both negative and positive. It has been such a journey as we all acclimate to this business as new usual.

In this episode of the PPMP podcast, I’ve invited Lisa Hughes, Founding Director of Occupational Therapy Helping Children in Sydney. She will be sharing her experience and how she and her team navigated through COVID-19, coming out wiser, stronger and more hopeful.

Lisa is also sharing details with us on her upcoming New PossibilOTs workshop so do watch out for details on that.

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Episode highlights:

  • An update on Lisa’s clinic operations.
  • The current team and business status.
  • Benefits of becoming business and team facing.
  • How her business fared through COVID-19.
  • Her experience using telehealth.
  • Positive outcomes of the pandemic to their business.
  • Describing the changes in her leadership style.
  • Lisa talks about her great customer service team.
  • Delegating to her growing customer service team.
  • Her vision and plans for her business in the next 6 months.
  • Lisa tells us more about the OT Course she offers.
  • Pros and cons of running her course online.
  • Feedback she received on her online program.
  • Her upcoming New PossibilOTs Course on 10-11 October.
  • Talking about her awesome website and automated workshop experience.
  • Available resources on Lisa’s website.
  • Lisa shares her thoughts on prosperity and things to look forward to.

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