Here at Nacre Consulting, we have a strong sense of social responsibility. For us it is not about charity or making token gestures, its way more than that.

Through our membership with B1G1, Nacre Consulting is established as a  “Business for Good”, meaning that through our regular business activities with our members and community we actively forward giving impacts to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Check out the projects we have invested in globally

We love that our giving reach is global

Giving is at the heart of what we do

We have embedded giving into many of our business activities, a great example is the ticket we charge for our Masterclasses. We invest 100% of all proceeds straight through to B1G1 projects, it is not about making money from the event rather harnessing the power of community to forward fund others who really need it. Our entire team share these values, we take turns selecting the impact project we will support and love nothing more than seeing thousands of dollars directed to quality impactful programs.

"Is the world a better place because your business is in it?"

Paul Polman, Former Unilever CEO, Global Goals Ambassador

Together We Make A Difference

We know that the Allied Health Business Community get the importance of using business as a force for good and a way of creating ripples of sustainable positive change. Many of our members have now joined B1G1 and are building their own giving culture through their teams and services, this is exciting.

Collectively we have the ability to make good things happen and make the world a better place for us all.

Why do WE do it?

Because helping each other is who we are.

We are committed to Sustainable Development

We support The Global Goals.
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Check out below to see how we are going with our other impacts on a local, national and global level below.

We are Carbon Neutral

The journey to become a carbon neutral business is broken down into four distinct phases, these being Measure, Reduce, Offset, Review.


Measuring involves auditing and calculating a business’s overall carbon footprint for a given period. This determines the baseline from which an emission reduction strategy can be created from. Emission reporting is broken down into three different scopes to determine whether they are directly caused from the property of a business (for instance: manufacturing), the amount of energy consumed by a business and emissions not directly generated by a business’s actions.


Reducing involves developing and implementing strategies to directly reduce the level of emissions released by a business’s activities. Strategies can be overarching to the way a business operates or can be as small as eliminating disposable cups in the office! At Nacre, we are currently in the reduction phase of our Carbon Neutral Strategy, with our target of a 15% reduction of our emissions per year from our initial baseline


Offsetting is the process of compensating for carbon dioxide emissions through investing in projects aimed at reducing the equivalent number of emissions made elsewhere. It is virtually impossible to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released by a business to zero, which is where carbon offsets come in. Nacre will use carbon offsets to compensate for our emissions released and hence allow the company to become carbon neutral, partnering with B1G1 to achieve said goal. We anticipate being carbon neutral using offsets by Q4 2022.


Reviewing should be a yearly process to assess the degree of effectiveness of the emissions reduction strategy. This is a crucial step, as it ensures that a business remains on track to hit its emission targets, whilst also confirming that the strategies developed during the reduction phase are working as intended.