Measuring Performance & Success through Data

I am yet to meet an allied health business owner who doesn’t want to understand their numbers better, have them all in one place, and know how to use them.

But for those who aren’t too sure about where to start, it can be fairly intimidating (to say the least).

Ever thought to yourself, “Oh, that’s good enough for now.” Sure, that bulky Excel spreadsheet might be “good enough” in theory, but at what cost? This episode is an important reminder to have those conversations with the experts, because you probably don’t realise how much easier and more valuable streamlining your numbers and processes can be. As I always say: you just don’t know what you don’t know.

That’s why we’ve got the wonderful Cullen Brugman in for this week’s PPMP episode. Cullen is the Managing Director of Dashboard Magic. Dashboard Magic builds dashboards to help you see how well your business is performing.

There are countless golden nuggets in this conversation, starting with the concept of making data more meaningful, the critical numbers you should have as a business owner, and how to avoid inconsistent data tracking.

We also discuss overcoming the challenge of getting the relevant numbers to look at, Cullen’s observations on manual data manipulation (find out what you could be missing), and how it all comes back to opportunity cost of time, and cost of mental space.

You’ll even hear what it’s like working with Dashboard Magic, including how the entire process. 

If you want to get started on simplifying your data, download the free business metrics provided by Cullen himself by clicking here. Or if you’re ready to get some help, book a 30-minute Zoom call now with Cullen by clicking here.

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Cullen Brugman

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