Take Your Waitlist From Worried To WOW – NEW Webinar

If there’s anything we took from 2020, it’s the importance of being ready-to-go at any and all times. We’ve learned the importance of gathering information, making great decisions, and trying to fall back on that spirit of “onwards and upwards”.  

At Nacre Consulting, we’ve been busy-bees getting lots of good things done.  

But what’s really stuck out lately is the worry around waitlists. Who here wishes their waitlist system worked better?   


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Managing waitlists is a whole business activity. It needs excellent management, exceptional leadership, and executed actions. 

Managing your waitlist is a critical part of your market reputation, commitment to creating impact, and ultimately your business brilliance.  

As part of this week’s PPMP podcast episode (a rerun of Ep 181) I’m excited to announce a NEW version of one of our most popular webinars… 

Taking Your Waitlists from Worried to WOW!  

While many business owners already know what to do in the waitlist department, our webinar is basically topping that off. Gold plating it. Adding that cherry on the waitlist cake.  

These are some main areas we’ll be covering in the webinar:  

Developing a strategy that works… 

  • Wait-lister care plan 
  • Effective client profiling 
  • Cool, powerful communication

Innovative execution for waitlist impact… 

  • While-you-wait services 
  • Leveraging technology and team 
  • Refresh of downstream services 

Lead the way with innovative experiences and outcomes… 

  • Inviting collaborative innovation 
  • Creating a vibrant waiting zone 
  • Dedicated waiting zone team 

As always, there will also be inspiring success stories and many easy ‘action now’ ideas. Click here to learn more and register your spot for the webinar – Tuesday 7th September from 11:00AM to 12:30PM. 

Cathy Love

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