Managing Your Data Effectively as an Allied Health Business Owner


What story do your business numbers tell you? Do you know how to handle data in your business? Here to answer all your data fears on this week’s PPMP episode is Steven Whittington – Product Owner of Dataplayer.

Dataplayer is quite a little secret sitting in the allied health market at the moment, and it’s a secret I’m sure many of you are keen to explore. 

Steven goes into detail in the episode, but a quick rundown of Dataplayer is that it integrates with your practice management software to then spring to life in visual dashboards, which then automatically generates reports and graphs. (Like music to your ears, right?) They can even get practices up and running in as little as 30 minutes.

Essentially, Dataplayer is helping reduce time and fatigue allied health business owners often feel – everything becomes visual so that you can easily and quickly compare numbers. 

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Through managing your data effectively, you can not only save time, but also suddenly have a consistent data set – something you and your leadership team can analyse and start to ask complex questions about.

Listen to the full episode for more of Steven’s great insights and tips on sharing business data appropriately across your business, making informed decisions with data, and the story your business numbers tell you.

Are you confident that your calculations are consistent across the board? 

Perhaps it’s time for a refresher when it comes to the way you’re entering data to make it more efficient, effective, and accessible.

Steven Whittington

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