Overcoming Underestimating & Managing Rapid Growth

When you first embarked on your venture as an allied health business owner, what can you look back on and realised you underestimated about the process? Were there some aspects you thought, “Ah, it’ll be right,” but ended up causing a lot more blood, sweat and tears? 

With this theme of overcoming underestimating, as well as understanding how to manage rapid growth, we couldn’t have more of a perfect guest than that of Louise Whitton from Focus on Function. 

There’s nothing better than getting a glimpse into fellow business owner’s worlds, and getting insight into their journey.  

We can learn so much about ourselves and have our minds opened to things we may not have thought of before, like Louise’s experience navigating rapid growth and admission of underestimating certain factors of the business. 

We also take a dive into the importance of bringing in the right advisors as the business grows, insights into HR and admin, as well as developing team goals for billable impacts. 

Something else that is certainly food for thought is what you would have done differently when you look back on your time as a business owner. From there, you can adapt your current practices to continuously improve yourself and your business, every step of the way.  

As Louise puts it, “Just give it a go. Embrace it. And get the right support crew where you can.”  

Listen to the episode for more of her wise words. 


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Louise Whitton

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