Managing Fear & Staying Prepared Legally as a Business Owner

Are you someone that feels scared or intimidated by the thought of getting legal advice? You’re certainly not alone, but perhaps it’s time to change that narrative? Facing the legal side of business isn’t as frightening as it might seem, and to help affirm that is this week’s PPMP guest.

Jeremy Streten is back on the podcast to share his always useful insights on legalities in business. Jeremy is the CEO at Business Legal Lifecycle – a handbook for existing and new business owners that provides a practical pathway to build a successful business. For Jeremy, it’s all about changing the stereotypical perception a lot of people have about dealing with the law and lawyers in general, and thus making advice accessible for everyone.

It’s a must-have tool that is designed to help business owners get more comfortable with their role and responsibilities, rather than putting out fires and crisis management. 

This time around, Jeremy and I discuss legal trends he’s noticed over the last 6 months, how business owners can keep their mojo going, and he also runs you through the legal needs of a business from start to finish.

On top of all this wonderful advice from Jeremy, you’ll be excited to know that all PPMP listeners are getting an exclusive legal gem for themselves. Jeremy has created a special offer for PPMP listeners, giving you a free Business Legal Lifecycle Risk Assessment, so that you can see where your business is at and any possible legal risks. Click here to get access now.


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Jeremy Streten

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