Living Out Your Business Values & Learning Resilience

Do you stay true to your business values on a daily basis?

Our values are the foundation of our everyday lives – no matter if that’s personally or professionally. 

For Jessica Young, Speech Pathologist and Director at Young Speech, it’s about understanding and being aware that our attitudes can really shape the lives of others.

It was a pleasure having Jessica on the newest PPMP episode, as she shares her journey shifting from clinician to CEO, having a 2020 pandemic plan, and framing the NDIS registration audit as a positive business-strengthening activity for her and her team.

Jessica even gives her best pro-tip for those who might feel easily discouraged when comparing themselves to other businesses.

But what especially stands out are Jessica’s learnings as a leader along the way.

Sometimes we forget to take a moment to remember how far we’ve come, and fully acknowledge what the business has taught us both personally and professionally. 

What do your core business values reflect? We can learn from Jessica’s experience that it’s important to enforce a team culture that has an expectation of being able to grow and continuously improve.

Maintaining a positive mindset and regarding your values as a tangible part of the business are essentially the threads that run right through from the first moment to the last.

How are you incorporating your business values? What is your business vision, and does your team know it too?

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Jessica Young

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