Let’s Do Some Business Brilliance Together

Many of you already know who we are, but when was the last time you had a real good rundown on what we do at Nacre? Who do we work with? What programs we offer? And what about core business concepts – which ones do we cover?

With such a flood of inquiries for our services, it seemed only fitting that this week’s PPMP podcast episode revolves around demystifying what we do and what we offer at Nacre.

In this episode, I throw some light on the broad reach of businesses we work with – from startups and solopreneurs, to big-hitters with larger teams. No matter what your business identifies as, we work right across the board.

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You’ll also hear me breakdown our four core programs:

  • Advantage Membership
  • Accelerator Mastermind
  • Amplified Mastery Program 
  • Boardroom Program

All of our clients have access to our live training events, conferences, the Business Resources Portal, and more.

We know from a leadership perspective that your business will only ever be as good as you are. So, what’s it going to take to bring your best version of yourself to your business?

At Nacre we embrace and worship the spirit of improvement. We don’t want all our businesses to look the same.

For the full details on Nacre and everything we do and offer, listen to the episode.

If you already know you want to get in touch with us, give us a buzz on 0448 316 319. (We love repeat offenders, by the way.)

Let’s do some business brilliance together.

Cathy Love

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