Amanda Abel Interview – Lessons on Running, Managing and Expanding your Private Practice

There are so many things you can learn from private practice owners and in this episode of the PPMP podcast we are going to hear some pearls of wisdom and tips on running your own private practice and, eventually, opening up a second clinic.

My guest Amanda Abel of the Northern Centre for Child Development shares with us her experience in operating a private practice, expanding, lessons she’s learned and so much more. Amanda combines her knowledge on behaviour modification with the attachment principles from the Circle of Security Parenting® (COS-P) training program to provide families with practical strategies that are sensitive and responsive to their child’s emotional needs. If you are a private practice owner wanting to expand your business, this is something you’ll definitely want to listen to.

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Episode highlights:

  • Updates on Amanda’s business in the last 2 years.
  • Big lessons that she has learned.
  • Recruiting and working with her team.
  • The reason why she built a 2nd centre.
  • The difference between building her 1st and 2nd centre.
  • The surprises she has gone through in her business.
  • A look at Amanda’s typical week.
  • Leading 2 teams across 2 sites
  • Secrets for the retention of people.
  • Running in-house training.
  • The changes her leadership has gone through over the years.
  • The best thing she did for her business.
  • Practice management software they use and integrating it with their new website.
  • Their social media strategy.
  • Plans for their business in the coming years.
  • Changes that business owners are experiencing.
  • Words of wisdom from Amanda.

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Northern Centre For Child Development Website

Northern Centre For Child Development Facebook Page

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Amanda Abel

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