Rerun: Lessons of Growth and Commitment from a Rural-Based Practice


Today on the PPMP Podcast, I’ve invited Lisa and Ross Archer, founding directors of Strong Mind Psychology. Their practice provides psychology services to children, adolescents, and adults across their lifespan.

There are heaps of gold nuggets throughout this conversation as we talk about starting their business and growing their team despite being rurally-based. They have a strong commitment to their profession and their community which you’ll learn more about in this episode. We also touch on how the current pandemic has challenged them and given them opportunities in business.

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Episode Highlights:

  • The story of starting their business.
  • Being a solopreneur for 6 years before bringing in a team.
  • Growing their team as a rurally-based business.
  • Finding a way to recruit people to their team.
  • Their commitment to teaching and the program they have in place.
  • The team benefits from having a fresh student vibe in their building.
  • Growing their financial confidence.
  • What they’re most proud of about their team.
  • Things they do to promote their team values and culture.
  • Their unwavering commitment to serving their community.
  • Sharing gold nuggets amid the pandemic.
  • Navigating being business and life partners at the same time.
  • Their future plans for the next few months.
  • Words of wisdom from Lisa and Ross.

Useful Links:

Private Practice Conference 2020: Accelerating Business Prosperity

Strong Minds Psychology Website


Lisa and Ross Archer

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