Legal Aspects of Business – Commercial Leases, Exit Plan & More


While there are certainly people you can hire to handle the legal aspects of business, understanding at least the basics yourself is worth its weight in gold.

What do you know about negotiating commercial leases? What is Sham Contracting and how can you stay aware? Have you got your exit plan sorted?

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This week’s guest is a repeat offender on the PPMP Podcast, having appeared for a total of three times. It’s none other than Jeremy Streten, Lawyer and Director of SMS Legal, as well as author of a very fabulous book, The Business Legal Lifecycle.

Like always, Jeremy is here to share more of his incredible insights and tips when it comes to the legal aspects of business – those within the allied health sector in particular.

Understanding the legalities is absolutely crucial regardless of the size of your business. As you’ll hear throughout the episode, Jeremy continues to stress the importance of understanding your legal obligations as a business owner…inside and out.

In the episode Jeremy and I chat about commercial leases, independent contractors, as well as his book and how it helps business owners understand their relationship with the law. We also discuss the forever-dreaded “W” word…otherwise known as your “in case of emergency” or “exit plan”…your will.

So, it’s time to get out those pens and papers because if there was ever a time to take notes, it’s now with Jeremy’s must-have insights.

At the end of the day, as long as you speak to the right people and get on top of things early, you’ll feel a whole lot more comfortable knowing you’ve got things handled. And we all know that comfort = less stress…something we all enjoy hearing (especially during these times).

In the wise words of Jeremy: “Don’t be afraid to go and get the advice.”

When it comes to all legal aspects of business, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Jeremy Streten

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