Learning the Ropes in Transitioning from Clinician to Business Owner

The NACRE team is uber busy as we get ready for our Private Practice Virtual Conference happening on October 25, 2019. Save the date!

The topic I’m going to talk about today relates to the conference – how, when, where, and why you shift from being a clinician to more of a business owner. From clinician to team-facing, releasing most of your clinical work, and committing more time to develop, train, teach and coach your team.

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Episode highlights:

  • What does it mean to become team-facing?
  • Having a good working knowledge on employment awards, good position descriptions, measurable KPIs and performance development career pathways in place.
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities across the business.
  • The value of having advisers through your transition.
  • The role of leadership skills for business owners in management and recruitment.
  • The members you need in your team.
  • A sneak peek into some of the speakers and topics to be covered in the conference:
    • Natasha Hawker – Awards and HR obligations as a business owner
    • Cathy Love – Practice managers; Position descriptions, KPIs, Recruitment, Retention, The notion of doing business easier when you have an advisory team 
    • Jan and Michelle Terkelsen – Leadership and gaining your leadership confidence, Evolving and generating a genuine approach to leadership
    • Michelle Bahri – How to cultivate an optimistic culture
    • Megan Ingram and Cathy Love – Considerations for bringing in allied health assistants
    • Letitia Grzes- The difference that getting virtual assistance can make to getting things done.
    • Ingid Cole – Using a coach approach to generate autonomy

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