Are You Disciplined? Learning How to Manage Your Time & Flexibility

What were your early days of business like? Plenty of finding-your-feet kind of days? Networking with mutually supportive people?

Whatever your experience was like, I’m sure you (like many fellow allied health business owners) struggled to find your way with time management.

Perhaps it’s even still something you’re working on today.

For Claire Welshe, Founding Director of Echelon Edge Occupational Therapy, she’s been on a disciplined journey to get into those deep zones of concentration. You know, those zones where you can truly focus on your business.

Discipline is something we need in many areas in life. But, as business owners, it’s more than that. It’s about using discipline as a part of creating lasting habits.

There are endless learning opportunities from Claire in this week’s PPMP episode. She demystifies OT and medico legal work, explores how the business started, using technology better, recruitment, falling in love with numbers, and her Virtual Assistant Unicorn. Claire even walks us through how she leverages flexibility across an average week, ensuring she has time for what matters most to her.

Time management and tracking your time can be confronting. But if you sit back and reimagine your time, you can do things more productively and efficiently.

Here’s a great nugget to leave you with before listening to the episode:

Until you start changing the way you use your time, often, nothing else will change.

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Claire Welshe

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