Learning From A Practice Owner’s Transition to Leading a Team

Team Facing CEO

Allied health business practice owners sometimes have a hard time transitioning from client-facing to team facing. The experience and pivotal shift is different for everybody. For Charmaine Owen, director of Kids & Community, her realization came when she felt more challenged by thinking and more excited to see solutions rather than working face-to-face with clients. In this episode, we talk about her journey of starting her practice, unique touches she has implemented in her business, creating and leading an awesome team, and growing her business the best way she knows how.

Kids and Community, a private practice in the Gold Coast. Their foundations of developing and enabling connections, play, independence and participation are the epitome of the services they offer. The business runs on a unique model with their beliefs and language in sync with the values of their practice.

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Episode Highlights:

    • Navigating through uncertain times and the new normal. 
    • The current team at Kids and Community. 
    • Running a person and family-centered occupation-based business. 
    • Providing accessible information to clients by not using medical terminologies in their practice. 
    • Communicating with purpose in a tech savvy way. 
    • Charmaine’s backstory on starting her private practice. 
    • Pivotal and terrifying moments in hiring team members. 
    • Transitioning to team-facing work. 
    • Enjoying her time as a business owner despite the struggles. 
    • Her experience in running her business during the pandemic. 
    • Best things they did and those they don’t ever want to repeat. 
    • Their plans for the next 12 months. 
    • Performing her roles in the business going forward. 
    • Charmaine’s 2 top tips for allied health business owners. 
Charmaine Owen

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