Learning Along The Way And Differentiating Roles


What have you learned along the way as you’ve come into your own? For Sarah Teoh, Director and Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist of Look Who’s Talking, the lessons never end.

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It was delightful to have Sarah on the latest episode of the PPMP podcast. She walks us through her clinic’s beginnings 17 years ago (yes, pre-medicare days) up until now. 

A lot of it has been about stepping up to become more team facing, which is a major talking point in the episode (and a common goal for many allied health business owners). It’s no different for Sarah, who explores how her team is growing and why she feels the need to become more team facing.

This ties back into the notion of learning along the way and differentiating roles. It was an opportunity for Sarah to question whether she really knew what to do. By doing that, she was able to differentiate all the hats and stop blurring the lines between roles.

If you’re juggling several roles, how can you differentiate them? Are the people in your team able to develop themselves and get a real 360 degree view?

I have no doubt that many of you can relate to her story. From learning the “what-not-to-do’s” to learning to recruit the right people for her team, there are so many inspiring nuggets throughout the episode.

Another important part of the episode is Sarah’s reflection on her long-term goals. She strives for a day where she can shut herself off to plan the future…something many of us need but don’t often get the time to do.

What is it that you need to know when thinking more long-term? Where do you want to be in the future? 

Sarah Teoh

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