Embracing Your Leadership Role

Embracing your leadership role is important in many ways in a personal sense, but what about viewing it from your team’s perspective?

Is your team being held back because you haven’t fully stepped into your management leadership role?

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This week’s new PPMP episode asks us to question exactly that, as Hannah Dunn joins me to chat. Hannah is the Founding Director of D.O.T.S. Occupational Therapy for Children. 

In this episode, she takes us through her business expansion, recruitment challenges and strategies, as well as her 2021 predictions.

What stands out the most, though, is her journey embracing her own management leadership role. By stepping further away from the clinical side, she’s been able to watch D.O.T.S. grow more than ever before.

If you’re looking at embracing your leadership role more, but not sure where to start, this episode with Hannah is sure to incite inspiration. And if you’re not, well, everyone can learn something from her tenacity.

Hannah’s story and leadership journey demonstrates the value of taking that leap and stepping out of clinical work. She shows us that once you take that time to truly focus more on your leadership role, your impact is actually amplified. 

You can create remarkable customer service and clinicians, who can then can disperse and spread the ripple of impact.

Are you yet to take that step? What is holding you back? 

Have you thought about how much your team can grow and the impact you can make by stepping more into your management leadership role?

Hannah Dunn

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