Prepare Your Business for 2021 With These Keys To Success

It’s official…2020 is coming to a close. And boy oh boy, what a year it’s been. While I’m sure many of you are keen for a break, have you really thought about how you’ll prepare your business for 2021?

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There have undoubtedly been a ton of challenges throughout 2020. But, this year has certainly been full of opportunities and silver linings as well.

Many business owners have come out of this year with strengthened teams and systems. They’ve truly magnified the impact they’ve had as business owners on their teams, which has translated to their clients.

This week’s PPMP Podcast episode centres around the notion of business planning and getting your business prepared for handling the year ahead.

One of my jobs as an Allied Health Business Coach is to help business owners plan the year ahead. Just because 2020 has been hectic, it’s not a reason to fall back and think, “I’ll get to it in January…I’ll do it after December…I’ll do it in the holidays…”

The thing is that we all know what happens…

Things don’t always get started, and if they do, they don’t always get finished. What happens if you end up back in the business crazy? Organising clients, organising your team, resources, rooms and referrals.

The business-craziness creeps up on us far before we are potentially ready for it.

A debrief is one of the most powerful tools for every business owner when forming their business plan for the New Year.

It’s time to get thinking:

What do you want to carry forward in your business in 2021?

Cathy Love

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